LMT Gear Overview: Jojo the Diva

Jojo here!

For those of you who don’t know me, my real name is Joanne however; my stage name is Jojo 😉

Now please don’t go assuming that because I gave myself a stage name that I must be quite the Diva! Maybe I am and maybe I’m not. The fact of the matter is that Jojo just seems to fit my personality better – not too fancy, sweet, rolls nicely off the tongue.

So let’s go back to the word “Diva” for a minute. What does it mean? By definition, a Diva is a great or famous woman singer. But, what makes a woman great or famous? Is it talent, fame, fantastic hair, pretty nails, sassiness, nice clothes, glitter?

Here’s what I think:

jojosing01First and foremost, a Diva is a woman who’s proud of who she is and believes wholeheartedly that she has a wondrous talent worth showing. She’s not afraid to strut her stuff (whatever that looks like) and never lets haters bring her down…’cause you know that haters gonna hate, hate, hate! Seriously, at the end of the day, it’s all about being confident and going out there and having fun. People will notice you for your gift and thank you for making them forget about their crazy busy lives!

Having said all this, am I a Diva? Absolutely! I have a decent voice with a bit of range, good stage presence and I absolutely love to entertain. When I’m on stage and the boys start playing those first notes, I instantly get a rush. I become a different person; one that doesn’t care about inhibitions. All I care about is getting the crowd dancing and smiling! Throw in a couple of tequila shots and a great LMT set list and you’ve got yourself a pretty FUN night!

So, what’s my gear?

jojosparklesAs the less hairy vocalist of LMT (“Hey!” – Ger), I use a Sure beta 58A wireless mic. Why? Because it suits my voice. That’s it! It’s not that complicated. No matter what type of song I’m singing, whether it’s a rock song, a ballad, a dance tune, etc. I can always count on my mic to give me that crisp, clear sound that I like. Nothing fancy, just like me. As for my mic stand, well it’s covered in glitter! My mic stand is essentially an extension of myself, so it just makes sense that it’s also all dressed up…again, just like me

I also consider myself as the “backbone” or the “heartbeat” of LMT. What I mean by this is that I also play percussion. I recently purchased a set of Latin Percussions Aspire Wood Congas. They are absolutely beautiful and they are ideal for beginners like me. I’m all about filling in the gaps. So whenever I can strike, scrape or clap to get a groove going, then I’m all over it! jojoshakerThere’s nothing quite like the sound of a tambourine or a cowbell (you can never have too much cowbell!). Here’s a bit of trivia for ya: Anthropologists and historians often speculate that percussion instruments were the first musical devices ever created. The human voice was probably the first musical instrument, but percussion instruments, such as hands, feet, sticks and rocks, were in widespread use long before recorded musical history. While I won’t be using my feet anytime soon, I might just grab some sticks and help out Lauzon…God knows he needs all the help he can get 😉 Just kidding – you know I love ya!

That’s it for me.