Bottom Line on the Bottom End

‘Sup gang? Ger here.

In my quest to grow as a bass player, I have recently taken to YouTube and other funky corners of the Internet to find tips and tricks the pros use in terms of tone and technique. I’m pretty happy with my gear and where I’m at musically, but there’s always better ways of doing things. Certainly, I have much to learn and many ways to improve.

I fell into bass playing in 2006 out of necessity; the band we were forming were lousy with guitar players (shocking, I know), so as I was never much of a lead guitar player, I decided to lop off two strings and pick up the bass.

I’m really glad I did. I enjoy the instrument more than its 6-string cousin and feel that my style and approach to music fits the bass better. So, what did I learn? Continue reading

LMT Gear Overview: Ger’s Bass Rig


Fact: Musicians love gear. We dream about the newest (and oldest) guitars and amps, leaving our Visas melted and our significant others displeased. We can’t help it! In the seemingly endless search for the perfect tone, one cannot simply settle for what we have. We must have bigger and better and louder and cooler!

In the spirit of the constant quest for stuff, we thought it would be interesting to lay out our current rigs for your perusal. Plus, we need to use this website more; it’s starting to smell like grandma’s linen closet. Continue reading