LMT Gear Overview: Wayne’s Guitar Rig

Wayne here! So I’ve never been much of a gear head, despite having always had technical jobs that should push me into total gear head mode. I guess I just can’t mix my professional and personal lives! I do have a minor case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) but having two kids in university mostly keeps the G.A.S. urges in check. Anyway, the gear I use is laid out in the pictures. First is my 2000 LP Standard, 2001 RainSong WS1000 (from the dates you can tell when I started to have money again after my kids were born), 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Junior, 2012 American Strat, Fender Squire Bass (vintage unknown), For amplification I use a Line6 AX2 212, and connecting everything is a Line6 Relay G50 wireless system.

waynejojoMy main guitar is the LP and I’ve always been a big Gibby believer (Gibbeliever?). The pick hand position and the neck shape has always just felt ‘right’. When I was a kid, I had a L6 Deluxe (think baby LP) and a black LP Custom (that guitar I would kill to have again – I bought it off a friend of mine who would also kill to have it again. It would be an interesting death match if someone threw the Custom in between us and said “Winner gets to keep it”. (There’s an off chance that my friend will read this so in case he does, this is for him: “Howie, you already have tons of guitars including another Custom so just let me keep the black one if it ever does show up and someone throws it between us and says “Winner gets to keep it”!) Continue reading