Gig Alert! Mar. 9 – The Carleton Tavern

Holy boats, LMT is back at The Carleton!

What better time to dance away the late Winter blahs at one of Ottawa’s most historic venues? No better time, we say!

Trade your winter boots for dancin’ shoes and hang with us all night long. We’ve cooked up some new tasty tunes for this one, folks. You’re not gonna want to miss it!


Gig Alert! Dec 8 & 9 – The Blackburn Arms

LMT is back for another rockin’ weekend at The Blackburn Arms!

We’re cookin’ up a new batch of tunes and The Arms will be the debut. If you’ve seen us before, see us again!

Great food, cold beers, and rockin’ LMT style. Sounds good to us!


Gig Alert! October 20 – Buster’s Bar & Grill

For the first time ever, we will be bringing the LMT party to Buster’s Bar & Grill! We’d love to see all of our pals from the west-end to the east on October 20th. Let’s make a great first impression on the fine staff at Buster’s…shake the walls, drain the kegs, and keep the dance floor full all night long!

If you’ve never seen LMT before, you’re in for a full night of great party music and shenanigans. If you’re an LMT veteran, we’ve got lots of surprises in the new set list. Book your sitter, break the news to your liver, and let’s do this one up proper!



Gig Alert! Sept 15 & 16 – Blackburn Arms!

Little Miss Taken at the Blackburn Arms

We’re back at The Blackburn Arms! The kids are back to school (hurray!), there’s a cool nip in the Fall air, and it’s time to party.

Two nights of fun with adult beverages, great food, cool people and your favourite tunes. Always a great time at The Arms!


Gig(s) Alert – Busy Weekend Ahead!

We’ve got a really crazy weekend of rock n’ roll ahead, peeps! Hope to see you out to one (or more) of our THREE shows!!


GIG ALERT! Oct 1 @ Fatboys

LMT is back at Fatboys!

We’re so excited to be back at one of the best restaurants and live music venues in Ottawa, and this time we’re going to party it up with not one, but TWO birthdays! Good friend of the band, Nadine, is turning 40 and resident bass player Ger has an older, less momentous birthday, but a birthday nonetheless.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re going to rock out with the Station Blvd peeps who are having a reunion. More friends, more allies!

Wear your stretchy rib-eatin’ pants and dancin’ shoes…this one’s gonna be a blowout! $5 gets you in on the fun.

LMT @ Fatboys


What, me worry?

robkitRob, the resident drummer here!

The other day I had this conversation with my 8 year old:

Her: Daddy do you get nervous when you are getting ready to play for people?
Me: Not even a tiny little bit.
Her: What if you make a mistake?
Me: I make mistakes almost every single time.
Her: Doesn’t that make you scared?
Me: Scared? No. Does it drive me freakin’ crazy almost to the point of insanity where I want to change the beater on my bass pedal to one made of stone, attach it to my ear, and have someone stomp on it over and over and over again thumping me into a state of oblivion? Absolutely! (Ok, I actually just said no to her and the rest of that was just in my head)
Her: Wow, I would be scared.
Me: Making mistakes is going to happen…for me at least, but I believe that the key is recovering from the mistake quickly and not letting it cause a train-wreck.
Her: Why would a train crash???

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GIG ALERT! July 8 @ The Carleton Tavern

Carleton Tavern, July 8

Party ‘er up @ The Carleton!

We’re back at the Carleton! This old school venue is one of our favourite places to play. The crowd is there to party from the first note to last call and beyond!

As always at The Carleton Tavern, there is NO COVER! The pints and quarts are cold, the food is great and atmosphere is lively.

We’ve got some new tunes in store and we can’t wait to unleash them. Join the party!


Gig Alert! Aug 21 @ The Carleton Tavern


Friday Aug. 21, we’re rockin’ The Carleton Tavern! It’s our first time at this historic venue and we can’t wait to keep the Carleton faithful dancing all night!

No cover and the fun starts at 9PM. See you there!